5 ways to avoid BPA today.

I highly recommend trying to reduce exposure to BPA, BPS and BPF as much as you can. If you want to know more about these compounds and why we need to savvy up and avoid them, please read my article – BPA – What’s all the fuss about? Here are 5 steps you can action today to protect your health:

  1. Avoid all drinks in plastic bottles or cans. Try to drink from glass bottles, and although a little more fragile, it’s really worth using glass baby bottles instead of plastic ones. 
  2. Do not buy or consume canned or packaged foods: Try and fill your kitchen cupboards with fresh, whole foods. Fresh, whole foods is a healthier choice for many other reasons too, so a great first step to a healthier you!
  3. Store food in glass – this is an instant and relatively easy change, start to swap all your plastic containers out for glass ones. Also be careful not to microwave plastic, especially with food/liquid inside the container. 
  4. Stay away from BPA products found in the every day, for example, limit your contact with receipts, as these contain high levels of BPA. Put them straight into a purse if you need to keep it and wash your hands after contact.
  5. Be mindful to choose toys that are BPA-free for children’s use as let’s face it most end up in their mouths. If in doubt – plastic toys are usually good to avoid in general. As the effects of BPA in plastic toys is becoming more known, there has luckily been an increase in more wooden and cotton toys available. Here are some examples: Finn & Emma Rocking Horse Wooden Play Kit

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