What have I got against Acid foods? Well… quite a bit actually, but that’s not to say you need to avoid them 100% all the time, they just need to be had in mindful moderation. Eating Acid forming foods has been linked to 

  1. Altering hormone levels. Most notably decreases levels of human growth hormone which is needed for stimulating cell regeneration and growth.
  2. Contributing to chronic pain – due to their reputation for causing inflammation in the body, which notably has been seen to support tumour growth in cancers also.
  3. Lowering Bone Density. Which can lead to osteoporosis. 
  4. Acid Reflux. Leading to symptoms such as heartburn and chest pain.
  5. Kidney stones due to the high PH levels in urine.

Among other symptoms are low energy, exhaustion, brain fog, joint pain, muscle weakness, frequent headaches, and colds. Who wouldn’t want to avoid all that is what I am saying?!

Here are 20 Acid forming foods to try and reduce or eliminate in your diet. Remember you don’t have to go cold turkey on all these, just every little helps.

  1. Fast food meals
  2. Alcohol (especially beer)
  3. Milk – (Get your ample dose of calcium from vegetables like kale, broccoli, and spinach)
  4. Caffeinated drinks
  5. Bread
  6. Red meat
  7. Peanuts
  8. Cheese
  9. Butter
  10. Soda
  11. Processed cereals
  12. Wheat products
  13. Pasta
  14. Table sugar
  15. Refined vegetable oils
  16. Deep Fried foods
  17. Artificial sweeteners
  18. Sports drinks
  19. Corn syrup
  20. Rice

Here are 20 Alkaline forming foods to graciously boost your diet with:

  1. Beet Greens (the captain of the Alkaline Squad!)
  2. Swiss Chard
  3. Spinach
  4.  Kale
  5. Bananas
  6. Almonds
  7. Avocado
  8. Cucumber
  9. Beetroot
  10. Figs
  11. Apricots
  12. Celery
  13. Bell Peppers
  14. Broccoli
  15. Cauliflower
  16. Carrots
  17. Soybeans / Tofu
  18. Fresh coconut (not dried)
  19.  Eggplant
  20. Sweet Potatoes

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