5 Steps to take today towards a healthier, happier you.

If you’re currently not eating a healthy diet, it can be difficult to start such a plan. However, healthy eating along with some exercise is very important for maintaining good bodily function and goes a long way towards living a disease-free life. If you struggle with healthy eating, then you know that breaking unhealthy habits can be the most difficult part of the process. Therefore, if you truly want to live the best lifestyle possible, it is important to follow tips in order to start eating a more healthy diet. 

Step One: Clear the clutter.

A fantastic first step when looking to shift your needle towards a healthier lifestyle is to rid your home of all the naughty temptations that could entice you back into old bad habits. Ideally enforce a strong no to all junk foods and sugary beverages from even landing in the shopping cart, let alone parking on your shelves, this is a foolproof way to stop any temptation for a naughty snack. If you’re worried about getting the munchies, invest in healthy snacks like carrot sticks, fresh fruit, or whole-wheat crackers to have readily available should hunger come to call, better yet get creative with some healthy snack recipes such as these energy balls, make a big batch and keep them in the fridge, when you are looking for that sweet fix – they’ve got your back!

Step Two: Get Savvy.

Another great step to healthy eating, when you’re first starting the process, is to take a few moments to learn what foods are the healthiest for you and how they work within your body. To start eating healthy we must begin by thinking healthy. Most people understand that fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are good for you, but few people understand why. The key to having these healthy changes be sustainable is for you to really understand the why behind all you are doing and learn about the specific nutrients these whole foods bring to your life and their incredible rewards for your mind and body because once you understand the biological facts behind good nutrition it becomes a no brainer to choose healthier foods for your body. Knowledge really is power!

Step Three: Be prepared.

Preparation is key if you truly want this to work. Stop and think out your week ahead so you have a clear schedule for meals. If you often eat in a rush and at odd times of day, you are probably more inclined to grab a fast food meal which will do more harm than good. To avoid this hungry mad grab – simply plan ahead so you never get to that point! Instead of grabbing a fast food lunch on the go, take a well-thought-through pack-lunch to work, complete with a healthy wrap and some fresh fruit and vegetables. Remember not to forget your evening meal, if you tend to be tired at the end of the day have the ingredients and a simple recipe you know ready to go. But when racing through the days, sometimes this just can’t be done. One way to solve this problem is to plan out your evening meals for the week, on your days off. Perhaps just before you do your weekly shopping, you also buy and make large portions of your favourite soup or vegetable stew to put in your freezer and have standing by when you need it the most. A simple reheat situation. Another fair warning: when going to the shops, do not venture there hungry because if you’re anything like me, one or two chocolate bars won’t hurt! That becomes the first break in a slippery slide for your healthy eating. 

Step Four: Hang in there

To begin with, these healthy changes may be very difficult to hold true to for days on end but hang in there. This is also a valiant test of mental strength, your mind will play some resistance, and you may notice your old habits luring you back to the dark side, you stand strong that little longer and those teasing thoughts will give in and you shall prevail! Along with the difficulty of change, you may not feel physically well for a while as your body adapts to the changes and cleanses itself from the unhealthy toxins built up from years of unhealthy nutrition. If this feeling is extreme, long-lasting or you are worried in any way a visit to your doctor would be wise, also great to let them know of your recent decision to go healthy, so they can support you on this journey. 

Step Five: Baby Steps.

One small step at a time. Swapping your daily soda for a glass of water is a fantastic victory and a step in the right direction. If you eat fast food every day for lunch, try replacing that at least half of the time with better quality foods. You don’t need to cut out all the naughty foods at the same time, if that will stop you from moving forward at all, break down the steps so it’s a realistic journey for you. Pause to simply learn about your nutrition and health. It is the best investment of your time you can make. Once you understand the why, behind these suggested changes, you will feel much stronger in your path, less likely to fall into old habits, and feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Knowledge and understanding provide a surefire track to a healthier you today.